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Lavorel Kids & Education, a family group

Lavorel Kids & Education aims to enable families to entrust their child to professionals driven by a passion for the world of early childhood. On a human scale, the group is above all made up of people who share the same human values ​​of benevolence, listening both to the children cared for and to the professionals in charge.

Our history

Lavorel Kids & Education was created in 2013 in Luxembourg, the company initially actively participated in the consolidation and professionalization of the sector. This activity was sold in 2018 to the Babilou Group. The group then invested in home childcare with the acquisition of the Educazen Group and in the training of early childhood professionals with the acquisition of the Institut des Educateurs. IN 2021, LKE took over the majority of the Unsere Champions Group with the aim of becoming one of the leaders in the care of young children in collective structures in Germany and Switzerland. More recently LKE approached Sonia MULLER (Hoà Baby Group) to create the Lily & Pablo specialist in multilingual nurseries. The company has been managed since its creation by Stanislas LAVOREL.

Take care of those who will make tomorrow

Stanislas LAVOREL
Three hands of family. Love, togetherness, happiness in family concept